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When it comes to moving your beloved grand piano or upright, you need a reliable and experienced team to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. That’s where McGriff comes in. With our top-notch piano moving services, we guarantee a seamless transition for both residential and commercial customers across New England.

Piano Moving Services

Choose McGriff as your trusted name in piano moving across New England. Our reliable team, top-of-the-line equipment, and dedication to excellence ensure that your piano will be transported with the utmost care and professionalism. Experience a stress-free piano moving experience with McGriff. Contact us today to book our services and let us take care of your piano relocation needs.

  • Expert Team: Our highly skilled professionals are trained in the art of piano moving. They understand the delicate nature of pianos and handle them with the utmost care and precision.
  • High-Quality Equipment: We invest in the best equipment available to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your piano. From specialized dollies to protective covers, we have everything needed to move your piano without a scratch.
  • Efficiency and Professionalism: At McGriff, we prioritize efficiency and professionalism in every aspect of our service. We arrive on time, work diligently, and communicate with you every step of the way to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • Utmost Care: We know that your piano holds sentimental value and is a cherished possession. That’s why we treat every piano as if it were our own, taking extra precautions to safeguard it during the entire moving process.

Piano Disassembly

Photo of a disassembled piano for moving.

By taking apart the piano with precision and expertise, one can effectively transport or store the piano without causing any damage. The dismantling process requires careful handling and attention to detail to ensure that each component is properly removed and safely stored.

Piano Packing

Photo of a packed piano for moving.

Proper piano packing involves a meticulous approach that prioritizes the security and protection of your beloved instrument. Before embarking on the packing process, we gather all the necessary materials to ensure a smooth and secure transition.

Piano Moving

Moving a piano can be quite a task. It requires careful planning and execution to ensure the safety of this delicate and valuable instrument. Whether you are moving your piano within your home or to a new location, it is important to rely on the expertise of professionals who specialize in piano moving.

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Photo of Davy Lazar

Highly recommend!

Brendan moved my studio upright piano from Springfield, MA to Dummerston, VT, and did so with great care and professionalism. My driveway and front yard are not easy traversing, yet they got the piano moved no problem. Communication was top notch through the whole process, which is so helpful when planning complicated logistics. Highly recommend! I will be giving him a call next time I need a move.

~ Davy Lazar

Frequently Asked Questions When Hiring a Piano Mover

Why should I hire a professional piano mover?

Hiring a professional piano mover offers numerous benefits. These experts have the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to safely and efficiently move your piano. Their expertise ensures that your instrument remains undamaged during the entire moving process.

Can’t I just move my piano myself or with the help of friends?

While it may be tempting to move your piano yourself or with the assistance of friends, it is not recommended. Pianos are heavy, delicate instruments that require specialized handling. Professional piano movers have the expertise and tools to navigate stairs, narrow doorways, and other challenging obstacles safely. Attempting to move a piano without proper training and equipment can result in serious injuries and damage to the instrument.

How do professional piano movers protect my piano during transportation?

Professional piano movers use various techniques to protect your piano during transportation. They carefully wrap the instrument in protective blankets and secure it with straps to prevent any movement. Additionally, they use specialized dollies and ramps to safely load and unload the piano from the moving truck. These precautions ensure that your piano remains in pristine condition throughout the entire moving process.

Are professional piano movers insured?

Yes, reputable piano moving companies carry insurance to protect your instrument during the move. This insurance provides financial coverage in the unlikely event of any damage or accidents that may occur during transportation. Before hiring a piano mover, it is always a good idea to ask about their insurance coverage and ensure that it is sufficient to meet your needs.

How much does it cost to hire a professional piano mover?

The cost of hiring a professional piano mover can vary depending on various factors such as the size and weight of your piano, the distance of the move, and any additional services required. It is recommended to obtain quotes from a local and reputable piano mover. Keep in mind that the cost of hiring professionals is a worthwhile investment to ensure the safety and protection of your valuable piano.

How far in advance should I schedule a piano move?

It is advisable to schedule your piano move as far in advance as possible. Professional piano movers often have busy schedules, especially during peak moving seasons. By booking in advance, you can secure your preferred moving date and ensure that the movers have enough time to properly prepare for the transportation of your piano.

Can professional piano movers also help with piano storage?

Yes, many professional piano movers offer piano storage services as well. If you need to store your piano temporarily or long-term, hiring a piano mover that provides storage options can be convenient. These specialized storage facilities are designed to keep your piano in optimal condition, protecting it from temperature fluctuations, humidity, and other potential hazards.

How can I find a reputable piano moving company?

To find a reputable piano moving company, it is recommended to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or music teachers who have previously used such services. You can also conduct an online search to read reviews and testimonials from past customers. Make sure to choose a piano moving company that has a proven track record of professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Do I need to prepare my piano before the movers arrive?

Yes, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your piano before the movers arrive. Start by removing any valuable or fragile items from the top of the piano. If possible, lock the keyboard lid and secure it with tape or a lock. Finally, inform the piano movers about any specific instructions or considerations regarding your instrument, such as delicate parts or unique features.

How long does it typically take to move a piano?

The time it takes to move a piano can vary depending on factors such as the size and weight of the instrument, the location of the piano within the premises, and any obstacles encountered during the move. On average, professional piano movers can complete a piano move within a few hours. However, more complex moves involving multiple flights of stairs or challenging access points may take longer.

Remember, hiring a professional piano mover is the safest and most efficient way to ensure the protection of your valuable instrument during a move. Don’t risk damage to your piano or injury to yourself by attempting a DIY move. Invest in the expertise of professional piano movers and enjoy a stress-free relocation experience.

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